[ Metek Sound System ]

6x F-218 bass bins
4x Resolution 9s
4x Resolution 2
2x Resolution 2A
2x Resolution 2SH

2x E45 MC² Amplifier
1x FFA6000 Amplifier
2x XTA DP226 Processor
+ - Wireless Remote

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F-218 :

This is Funktion One's renowned bass design, which is the result of an holistic approach, over many years of research and development, into bass loading techniques. The evolved product is highly regarded in professional audio circles for its extreme robustness and large quantities of tight, punchy, well defined bass from a relatively small and very manageable package.

When used with Resolution mid-high systems, the cross-over from the F-218 enclosures to the low mid device stands at just over 100Hz and the ensuing bass delivery is abundant, effortless, deep and precise.

Highest quality Finnish birch ply is used throughout its construction.

For touring purposes we offer Neodymium versions of the 18" drivers that give a significant weight reduction. It comes complete with integral handles and wheels and for use in installations, we can of course supply without the wheels.The enclosure is finished in Funktion One deep violet.

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Resolution 9s :

Funktion One have pioneered the design and implementation of loudspeaker systems aimed specifically at the installation market as well as having unrivalled experience of designing loudspeaker systems for large spaces.

The Resolution 9 brings these elements together in a truly amazing product. With almost unprecedented efficiency, this system is perfect for long-throw stadium and arena installations and has already taken centre stage at the Millennium Dome in London.

They are also fantastic for large-scale club use and won major accolades when used on the Terrace at Space in Ibiza.

Low Mid / High Mid / HF limited edition speaker. Originally part of the Millenium Dome sound system, only 56 ever built, unique lightweight construction made of Aerolam.

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Resolution 2 :

This portable 'full-range' system is probably the smallest fully horn loaded enclosure available. Its unique combination of compact size, weight and sonic excellence, make it equally suited for use by discerning musicians as well as by sound consultants in demanding projects. From small to medium club venues to critical AV and pro sound reinforcement applications, this loudspeaker system resolves the requirement for quality, response and level from a small source.

The Resolution 2 is increasingly acclaimed as the dj monitor of choice. If even more bass 'weight' is required, a pair of Resolution 2s can be used with additional Funktion One bass including Infrabass and F121s.

The Resolution 2 is a full range, 3-way bi-amplified horn loaded enclosure with a passive high frequency crossover. The design incorporates Funktion One's patented Axhead technology and new space saving bass loading. This highly efficient design provides outstanding fidelity across the full frequency range from 45Hz to 17kHz for use both in a mobile or installation environment.

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Resolution 2A :

The recently released Resolution 2A is the self-powered version of Funktion One's highly regarded R2 loudspeaker design.

This portable, full range enclosure now comes with 'plug and play' ease of use, bringing Funktion One sound quality within reach of any user.

The integrated A4 power module is the result of a five year collaboration between audio specialists Funktion One and XTA Electronics and is perfectly matched to the power requirements and audio quality of the loudspeaker.

The module itself also incorporates XTA's renowned DSP, meaning that only a mains and full range signal feed are required. One self powered R2 powers itself and an un-powered slave and the amp module adds less than 5kg to the low weight of the enclosure.

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Resolution 2SH :

This is a skeletal version of the mid-high section of the Resolution 2.

It is extremely small in size, yet is a potent and versatile product. It can either be installed using the integral yoke, stand-mounted or used on a pole above Funktion One's F118 bass enclosure.

The product is ideal for many applications from small clubs and demanding audio-visual situations through to peripheral use in Funktion One stadium systems.

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E-Series Amplifiers :

The E Series amplifiers are a range of lightweight, switch-mode power amplifiers designed and manufactured by MC2 Audio.

This range of ultra high fidelity amplifiers have all the necessary qualities of reliability and sonic excellence to ensure that the full potential of a Funktion One loudspeaker system can be realised.

Although the amplifiers are ideal for touring due to their light physical weight and compact size (2U), they are equally well suited for the installation environment. The range consists of five amplifiers, the E15, E25, E30Q, E45 and the outstanding E90.



FFA Amplifiers :

Full Fat Audio designs and manufactures high performance audio power amplifiers ideally suited to any professional audio application.

We are based in Hertfordshire, England where our innovative amplifier designs are all hand assembled and tested. We source many of the components used in our amplifiers construction from specialist suppliers in the UK whom manufacture our custom designed components for us. FFA is an independent company and we launched our business in 2003.

Our amplifiers are used at many of the UK’s largest music festivals every year and can be found permanently installed in established nightclubs, Theatres and live music venues in England and Europe.

FFA6000 DATASHEETS - Full Fat Audio

XTA Electronics :

To deal with the increased demands of the touring market the DP226 was launched in 1997 followed by the DP224 in 1999.

Giving users even quicker access to all the parameters from the front panel of the units the DP226 soon became the benchmark for speaker management systems.

Along with the hardware control, XTA also increased the capabilities of its software platform, AudioCore, allowing users to remotely and even wirelessly adjust the entire system using multiple controllers.

The DP226 and DP224 were soon further complimented by the DP6i - an installation version of the DP226, offering the same fantastic sound quality and power, but with a basic user interface, designed to be remotely controlled through the ever popular AudioCore PC software.

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A4 Amplifiers :

The A4 amplifier is the result of a five year collaboration between Funktion One and leading audio electronics specialists XTA to produce a sonically excellent and reliable amplifier module.

It is a 2 channel Class-D/T Power Amplifier with power provided from a Switching Power Supply. It is fully self protected and fan-cooled and gives exceptional power, remarkable clarity and all from a 3.2kg package.

The module also includes renowned XTA 96kHz DSP for plug and play simplicity meaning that a product like the Resolution 2A or Resolution 4EA-CP can be simply operated from a full range signal input. Furthermore, there is enough power present to drive an unpowered slave enclosure.

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